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The team at The Cathcart Clinic is made up of skilled healthcare professionals who are dedicated to getting our patients back to optimal health. We offer a range of specialisations and skills to meet the individual needs of each one of our patients.

Each practitioner takes their own bookings at the clinic.

Ellie Cathcart, M.Ost

Ellie’s Services:




1-1 Pilates


Osteopathic Tissue Massage


Lymphatic Massage

“Hi, I’m Ellie and I am a fully qualified and insured osteopath and medical acupuncturist, registered with the General Osteopathic Council regulatory body for the UK.

I am fascinated by the body, how it functions and how we can rehabilitate it so that it can perform at its best, and as such Osteopathy has proved an ideal means of pursuing my interests. I am inspired by modern evidence informed clinical practice which is underpinned by high quality clinical reasoning and the implementation of osteopathic principles. This emphasis allows me to contribute to finding a holistic resolution of my patients’ health dilemmas”.

If you would like to book with Ellie, you can call the reception team on 01753 647618, email or use the form below to book online.

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Katy lovell, M.Ost

Katy’s Services:




1-1 Yoga

Osteopath Katy had decided on a career in osteopathy at a young age due to her fascination with the human body.

Katy studied at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone and graduated in 2011. On returning home Katy has worked in Farnham Common for the last 10 years. Katy enjoys treating those of all ages but has a particular interest in sporting injuries, headache symptomology, emotional links to pain and geriatrics.

Outside of work you will find Katy at her family allotment, reading books or practising yoga.

Katy takes her bookings directly, so please call/text her on 07923 220881 or email her on

You can read more about Katy on:

Sarah Di Maria

Sarah’s Services:


Sports Massage Therapy


Head and Neck Therapy


Indian Head Massage

Sports Massage Therapist Sarah is a fully qualified and insured ITEC Level 5 Sports Massage Therapist with further qualifications in Myofascial Cupping, Indian Head Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Sports Injuries.

She began her Sports Massage career in 2007 qualifying with The Football Association; and is experienced in treating a wide range of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions in addition to work/lifestyle/laptop related postural pain.

Outside of work Sarah spends her free time with her young Family, training for a half-Ironman and reading good books. 

You can book with Sarah personally on 07584 430858, email her on or use the booking form below.

You can read more about Sarah on:

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Gracie Jack

Gracie’s Services:


Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage


Hot Stone Therapy/Massage




Indian Head Massage

Gracie has a love for anything that helps relax the mind and body. She has a passion for the human body and the way that stress impacts our systems. She enjoys finding ways to help reduce stress on both a physical and psychological level. She uses a range of treatments and techniques, including myofascial release and hot stone therapy to help you feel completely relaxed.

She has been qualified in holistic treatments for 5 years and has also recently started training to become an Osteopath at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.

In her free time, Gracie likes to go to the gym, swim, go on nature walks, go to the cinema or read a book snuggled up with her cats!

You can book with Gracie via our online booking system, but if you do need to speak with her directly, you can contact her on 07525781816 or email her on

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Harinder’s Services:

Harinder is a fully certified instructor specialising in using yoga for pelvic floor issues and yoga for the stages of the menopause.

Harinder brings a unique insight into the importance of maintaining a healthy pelvic floor and how to use a range of yoga influenced techniques and breathwork to heal and sustain an effectively functioning pelvic floor. She continues to refine and develop her own practice of 20 years for her clients and her own wellbeing. The use of yoga for pelvic floor issues is well documented and has been shown to significantly alleviate symptoms and reduce or eradicate the need for surgery and medication.

Harinder also works with clients at all stages of their menopause journey. She is passionate about working with women experiencing any number of symptoms associated with the menopause that can leave them feeling isolated, anxious and confused. Yoga is proven to help lessen the pain, anxiety and array of symptoms linked to the hormonal fluctuations associated with the menopause. Harinder is acutely aware of and sensitive to her clients’ needs.

In addition to Pelvic Floor YogaTM and Yoga for the Stages of the Menopause, Harinder is also certified in a range of yoga styles, including Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin yoga and mindful meditation.

Harinder continues to work with internationally recognised senior yoga teachers, women’s health physiotherapists, osteopaths and clinical psychologists to further enhance her skills and provide a skilled network of professionals for her clients.

Harinder takes her bookings directly, so please contact her through her website: or email her on

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