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What is pilates?

Pilates is based on a set of principles that exercise the whole body through a range of mat based exercises. Pilates combines the co-ordination of deep postural and stability muscles combined with breathing, arm and leg movements, postural correction and flexibility.

With regular practice, Pilates positively changes the body. Pilates is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Scientific research provides evidence of its effectiveness on reducing pain, improving physical function, movement and wellbeing.

What is clinical pilates?

​The APPI institution is a world-leading provider of Clinical Pilates Education. They run a highly accredited programme that is recognised all over the world for its scientific research base and high quality instruction.

We combine our Osteopathic clinical background and training with the Clinical Pilates background, so you know you are in well-qualified safe hands. During the development of Clinical Pilates, the founders discovered that benefits of Classical Pilates exercises were not being optimised due to the high level of strength, control and body awareness initially being asked of clients.

They found that if the movements were broken down and led via a step-by-step approach, with different levels and modifications, it could reduce the demands of the spine. This allows the session to be tailored to the spinal health of each individual and to allow a client to be trained correctly from an injured state to a fully fit, functional and efficient state. ​

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone and everyone! We encourage clients to embrace Clinical Pilates from any fitness level. These sessions can be helpful for;


Acute or chronic spinal problems – including disc herniations, arthritis and scoliosis


Preventative spinal health


Conditioning for particular sporting activities


Pre and post-natal – for mother’s to be and anyone more than 6 weeks post-natal


Balance and agility for the older generation

What sort of classes are there?

An initial assessment is recommended before starting any online or face-face classes to ensure you have the knowledge of the basic Pilates principles and movements, to ensure we can tailor the classes safely to you.

The osteopath will look at your posture, joint range of movement, functional activities such as squats, lunges and balance. Then you will go through the 5 basic principles of Pilates and how to apply them to Pilates exercises.


Face-to-face 1-1 classes: These are especially useful for those recovering from injury, following on from Osteopathy treatment or just to have that close supervision. More details are provided upon enquiry.


Pre and post-natal: These can be done as as 1-1 face-to-face classes. You can join these regardless of if you have any exercise experience. More details are provided in the Pregnancy section below.


Our classes are designed to prepare your body for the challenges of pregnancy and a smooth delivery. All mothers are encouraged to attend a pre-assessment and we recommend you wait until the second trimester or six weeks post-partum before participation, unless advised by a health professional.

Pilates during pregnancy is a great way to enhance your posture, build strength, maintain your well- being and ensure you are in the best condition to welcome your precious new arrival. Post-natal classes are designed to assist your recovery and return to exercise in a fun, social and supportive environment.

The classes focus on pelvic stability, tummy muscle recovery and pelvic floor muscle strengthening. Babies are welcome to join until crawling age. Exercise pre and post pregnancy requires some adaptation to position, load, control and time. We have undergone specific training to be educated on what is required for you to achieve your maximum in a safe and effective way. ​

Currently I am only providing 1-1 face-face classes.

PRices and online class times

Mondays 9:30am-10:30am Beginner.

1-1 Classes are held in my Osteopathy Location at The Cathcart Clinic. 


1-1 Face-face classes: £55



If you would like to know more about any of our services, you can call us on 01753 647618 or email us at thecathcartclinic@outlook.com.

I also encourage patients to book their appointments online

Please make sure to read your confirmation email thoroughly for the location and details of any treatment requirements.

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