Sports massage

What is Sports massage therapy?

Sports Massage is a form of physical therapy which moves and manipulates the soft tissues of the body. This is to reduce inflammation and pain, help recovery, restore normal tissue function following an injury and limit the risk of future injury.

Sports Massage is used to promote balance within these soft tissues so that they can function optimally and make you feel good and move without pain. It is also often used alongside bespoke rehabilitation exercises designed for you to do at home or at the gym; which can help you recover quicker.

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from Sports Massage Therapy. Our treatments are highly effective for tight, short and sore muscles caused by poor posture, bad workstation set-up, high stress levels and everything in-between!

We offer a full range of treatments for a wide variety of conditions, including:


Back ache/pain including sciatica


Neck Pain


Pain from bad posture


Headaches, migraines and sinus pain


Plantar fasciitis


Achilles tendinitis


Shoulder pain


Sports injuries


Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)


Tennis/Golfer’s elbow


Whiplash associated injuries

Why do I need sports massage therapy?

Soft tissue can become dysfunctional for many reasons; including injury, trauma, strenuous exercise and overly repetitive movements which cause us pain and discomfort. Sports Massage Therapy uses a variety of techniques to soften stiff and knotted muscles, so that the body can start the natural process of healing. 

Often the area of pain isn’t the main injury site, so we fully assess major muscle groups to check muscle length and strength plus full range of movement to determine the underlying issue.


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