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Harinder is a fully certified yoga instructor with a focus on somatic movement, meditation, and breathwork. She brings a deep understanding to the importance of maintaining health and wellbeing through a range of Yoga and Reiki influenced techniques to release trauma, be pain free and build sustainable strength, flexibility and mobility for life.

In addition to specialising in Meditation, Pelvic Floor Yoga® and Yoga for Menopause, Harinder is a qualified Reiki healer. She is passionate about working with people from all walks of life, utilising a unique blend of holistic techniques to alleviate symptoms of physical, emotional, and mental discomfort common to many in today’s society.

Clients come to Harinder with a wide range of needs, including IBS, Stress, Menopause related concerns, Pelvic pain and a desire to build strength and ease of movement.

Harinder continues to learn from internationally recognised senior yoga teachers, women’s health physiotherapists, osteopaths and clinical psychologists to further enhance her skills and provide an expert network of professionals for her clients.

Yoga Alliance Certified training:


Hatha Raja Yoga – 200+ hours


Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation – 100+ hours


Yoga Nidra – 30 hours


Pelvic Floor Yoga – 40 hours


Yoga for the Stages of Menopause – 40 hours

Usui Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 Attuned Healer.

Over 20 years of Yoga and Educational experience.

Harinder takes her bookings directly, so please contact her through her website: or email her on


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